Friday, September 29, 2006

i've been teaching for a whole month now!

This is a picture of some of Kiyeong's recent homework--an acrostic poem about me! The characters on the far left read "kay-r/la-seon-saeng-nim," or "cara teacher." I can't actually read the poem...but the first line says "Cara teacher...good" and the last line says "Nim Cara teacher thank you" (I don't know what nim means there). Isn't it cute? I'm in two of Kibeom's homework assignments as well...he wrote an essay (with a really cute picture) about the frisbee I gave him and one all about which Korean foods I like and don't like (an obsession of many of the Koreans in my life here...his teacher COVERED the essay with comments even though none of his other essays have anything more than a word or two).

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