Saturday, September 09, 2006


With the exception of dinner last night, when we went to a restaurant and had really, really good food (although at one point during the meal, when I was dipping raw garlic cloves in chili sauce and happily eating them, I realized that my concept of good food has become much more inclusive in the last 3 weeks), we have been eating cow foot soup for every meal. Today I had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I miss vitamins.

On a non food-related subject, Kiyeong and I have a new favorite game in which we compare Korean and American animal sounds. We each make our own version of an animal's noise and then try to imitate each other. Korean dogs say "mung, mung," their frogs say "kegul, kegul," and their tigers make this crazy, siren-like sound that I have no idea how to transcribe. Usually we end up having extended bilingual conversations in frog while Kiyeong hops madly around me (although he says "rabbit" instead of "ribbit" and my "kegul" makes him giggle).

Oh, at dinner tonight, we watched a television that was entirely devoted to playing and replaying footage of bats going to the bathroom and apes getting tickled by people wearing full body plastic suits and surgical masks (the tickling didn't seem to be effective, mostly the poor animals just seemed to be trying to get away). My host mom, bros, and the random child we brough home from the library (a new one) all found the whole thing hilarious...especially the bats and a baboon (on account of its brightly colored butt). Who puts this stuff on TV? It was definitely a perfect accompaniment to the soup.

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