Monday, September 04, 2006

taewoo apatu unit 702

Here are some pics I took today when I got back from school before the boys were home from piano lessons. The pics are all blurry and/or dark because I had to use photobooth and just awkwardly carry my comp around the house (there's no flash or settings of any kind), so sorry about that. This first pic is the kitchen. It boasts the only American-height furniture (the little table with the chair...I've sat at it exactly once). As you can see, it's pretty narrow. Just about everything in our apartment (apatu) is pretty narrow, or at least made narrow by bookshelves and the like. Behind the kitchen you can see the little laundry/storage narrow opening.

Above is "my" room and the apartment's other bedroom. Mine is the one without the bed. The picture almost gives the illusion of depth, but I assure you that the pink thing is exactly 2 blankets off the ground. To the right is a pic of the bathroom. That plant has been in the tub since my arrival two Thursdays ago. The picture doesn't show the toilet or the size of the bathroom...but if I stand against the bathtub I can just about touch the door. The pics below show the living room where we eat all our meals and hang out, as well as the little balcony thing behind it. The one on the right is (clearly) the living room. That little table is the one we eat at, although if we are going to eat something really big, my host mom brings out a slightly larger (but not any higher) table in order to fit everything. That little wooden mat-like thing is what we use instead of a couch or chairs.

The picture on the left is just a close up of the little narrow balcony you can see at the back of the living room. It is mainly taken up with random drying things--food and laundry. Right now one side has drying fish and chili peppers and the other has drying laundry.

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