Friday, August 25, 2006

Lovely Binnie

My coteacher brought me back a gift from Jeju-do...a cell phone charm! Most people in Asia hang little charms off their cell phones (and some off their cameras too). My host mom has a little beaded mouse, my host dad has a manly little jade thing...most of them are small
and cutesy and usually involve beads. My cell phone "charm" (as you can see) is a pink stuffed bear that's larger than my phone. Now my cell phone is huge and ungainly and doesn't have a chance of fitting in my pocket.


Will said...

Now we can all post without setting up our own Blogs! However, I still feel it is important not to post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

yay anony comments. i wanted to comment on like all of your posts before but couldn't. anyway, i just wanted to compliment you on your charm and also to say that you should put your phone in your pocket with the adorable bear dangling out the front. that would be soooo cunnin'. p.s. umm skype me? (sort like call me...)