Sunday, August 27, 2006


Here are a some pics of Kibeom (on the right) and Kiyeong (making the peace sign). Last night the three of us were home alone and we played with my camera for a while. It was so much fun--the boys loved trying to work my camera and laughed hysterically when they got to see the pictures of themselves come up on the screen--but it sent my camera over the deep end from functionally broken to just plain broken. It's so depressing. I love my poor cam. There are also so many things to photograph here and it sucks that I can't take pictures of them. I want to be able to take pictures of Gongju, of my school, of my students...especially now that I have a shiny new blog to post them in. I need to go to Seoul and try to find a camera shop that knows Minoltas. Or maybe just try to order a new lense online (assuming I can afford it).
We had a nice evening together (until the strange arrival of the adults and the Vienna sausages and things, although that wasn't bad either). They tried to teach me to play the Korean verson of chess--unsuccessful, due to my inability to understand them when they get excited and forget I can't speak Korean. They also wrestled each other and showed of some of their taekwondo moves, which was both cute and really impressive. They are incredible. We had some preem frozen yogurt pops too. The best part about them is that they weren't flavored like instant coffee.

Aren't they so cute? They are definitely better to have around than a bed. I'd still like to be allowed to unpack fully though.

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Anonymous said...

I think you can order a lens on for not too much - and they send to South Korea.