Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Are you boring?

Most important thing that happened today: my coteacher came back from her vacation in Jeju-do! Finally there is someone in this city who actually somewhat understands me! and is required to answer my questions! She is really cute...cutesy Korean cute: today she had on a bright pink headband, giant pink ceramic dangly rose earrings with the Chanel logo on them, a bright pink t-shirt dress with a denim skirt under it, and very high-heeled, almost platform bright pink shoes...and she can actually say complete English sentences (they are sentences like"who is your favorite movie star?" "do you think yogurt ice cream is interesting?" and "are you boring?" but still, sentences. It's pretty exciting). We went to a movie and then to get "yogurt ice cream," or frozen yogurt with blueberry sauce, kiwi, and frosted flakes on it. Best of all, I figured out a few things about my future. On Friday I have to attend a school assembly and give a speech in Korean to all the students, teachers, and administration. Then I have to go out drinking with the teachers. My coteacher told me that I should try very hard to drink as much as I can. I am also officially starting teaching on Sept 1. I have no idea what I am going to do until then.

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