Saturday, August 26, 2006

honor code

My host mom often does some of the boys' schoolwork. Last night she stayed up really late (past 1) working on some posters for not only Kibeom and Kiyeong, but also for a random friend of Kibeom's who was briefly over here for dinner. The posters are very elaborate and neat and definitely not something 8 and 10 year old boys could ever come up with. It's weird because it's not like the boys are slackers and their mom does their all their work for them while they play around all day--both of them went to piano lessons at 8:30 am and then came home and studied until dinner time as well as before bed. (They are, by the way, amazing piano players. Last night they put on a little piano recital for me and showed me their giant piano trophies. It was so impressive. When you add this to their tkd black belts and Kibeom's prize-winning's kind of scary). I also don't know what this homework is is not in session until Friday and she seems to be in a hurry to finish these things. Maybe because she has other homework to do? It could be for hagwon (private academy) or something, but I was under the impression that the boys only go to hagwon for English and piano right now...mysterious


Derek said...

Thank you so much for telling me about this blog. I am very impressed with it. I like how that even though you can only use frustratingly little English in your day-to-day conversations, you still use impecable grammar and vocabulaary in your blogs. Seriously, keep it up.
Also, I don'ot have your email address, so next time you get a chance, could you please send me yours so I can email you?
I miss you!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know you very well, but am full of admiration for your good attitude and great sense of humor in a daunting situation. You are a real sport - but I think you should DEMAND your own room - even if you have to leave this weird family!!!! It is going to get very old, and winter is coming. Will's blog led me to yours - and now I read it like a soap opera - can't wait to he ar the latest. Many thanks for helping to clarify the mysterious east to us.