Sunday, August 27, 2006

an apology

I know I told some people (namely Mom, Dad, and Rue) that I would post pics of me playing with my host bros tonight. Unfortunately right as I was starting (and right as the poor boys were going to bed) my host parents came home with two of their friends, some potato chips, beer, "rice cookie," and Vienna sausages. I was forced to eat Vienna sausages, drink beer, and watch the strangest Korean TV show I've ever seen--and this is really saying a lot because I once watched a combination dating/talent/stupid physical challenge show complete with animated hearts and dried squid and fish jewelry. I would describe the show in detail but I honestly just can't. Just try to imagine a staged horror scavenger hunt for adults in a school, combined with singing, a rock-paper-scissors-like game against a "ghost," and a giant-marshmellow-on-velour-pole fight against a giant blond man...that's as much as I can say. I will post the pics and such sometime tomorrow, sorry!

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