Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Every day I have to dress like a grown-up for school. I have a number of sweet little schoolteacher outfits and a few more formal suitlike things for fancy Big Teacher Events, and I kind of love getting to play dress up every morning. The only downside to this is the dang nylons I have to wear every day. I hate them...they are hot and uncomfortable, and it seems like every time I move I somehow create a giant run. The worst thing about them is that it turns out that in Korea, or at least in Gongju, they only sell the thigh high kind. Thigh highs! They are so disgusting and awful. Also, thigh highs mean that all day long I have to find furtive ways to curtail their relentless slide down to my ankles without anyone witnessing the American teacher hiking up her nylons (my legs are not at all built to Korean specifications). Some days (like today) one leg will randomly decide to roll up on itself. It always waits until after I've walked all the way to school and past the point of no return, and then suddenly the nylon rolls itself to just under my knee like lightning. Once it has done this, there is nothing I can do to modify its behavior, it will instantly roll again the moment I've managed to hitch it back up. Haaate.

At school, we have upped our weekly volleyball extravaganzas to twice weekly. This means that in addition to the 3 hours of volleyball I play on Wednesdays, I have 2-3 more every Tuesday in addition to 6 classes. According to my coteacher, the reason for the added session is that "the weather it's so fine." Since we play volleyball indoors with the windows shut, I'm not exactly sure what the weather has to with anything, but whatever. Volleyball is pretty hilarious and mainly fun...I just wish it was still once a week.

I have a cold, thanks to Kiyeong and communal eating. It makes me grumpy and more easily irritated by my host mom (she spent an hour this evening photographing one of her origami masterpieces in the living room, and for some reason I had to come and stand next to her to be grabbed onto and laughed at).

Also, I am now certain that my host mom is using my towel.

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