Monday, October 23, 2006

this is weird, right?

Sometimes my host mom does my host bro's homework for him. I am not exactly sure how I feel about's not like Kibeom is slacking off or anything, it's just that his mom makes him study so much that he actually, physically does not have time to do his real homework. This evening though, things got a little flipped around...

I got home from school to find Kibeom sitting on the floor (obv) of the living room, drawing a picture of a mouse from a children's book. I asked him if it was his homework, but he responded "no, Mom." Thinking that he couldn't possibly be doing his mom's homework--sure she does more origami than is strictly necessary or desirable, but picture book rodent drawing?--I got pretty confused...but sure enough, my host mom popped out of the bathroom, grabbed my upper thigh with a shove and a big laugh, and told me, "Homework! College-y! Homework!" until I responded with proper enthusiasm. Apparently, she is in another "college" class, totally separate from the origami one(s), with "homework" that involves drawing small animals. Then, Kibeom had to go to taekwondo and I somehow ended up being responsible for the artwork. I drew a mouse and a squirrel, and then my host mom got really excited and cut out all the pictures. Some she colored in (poorly) with thick, waxy, colored pencils--a brown squirrel and a black mouse with an orange tail, and the rest (including my two) she is saving to color in during class tomorrow. Seriously...she is going to COLOR bad rodent pictures--that she didn't even draw!--in her college class tomorrow. What kind of adult does that? And what kind of adult makes her elementary school-aged son and then her foreign exchange guest do most of the actual work for her?

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

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