Monday, April 09, 2007


Right now, Kibeom is wearing a new shirt that says, "I try to have a different perspective of my environment and take beauty from carp." Poor carp...they don't really have much beauty to spare.

For part of my post TKD dinner last night (dinner #3), my host mom fried up a puck-like slab of meat. Expecting salty meatiness, I was somewhat shocked to bite into a piece and find that it tasted exactly like a Christmas cookie (and I mean exactly. I had to keep checking it to make sure it still looked like meat). To top off this flavor surprise, my host mom proceeded to smother the remaining pieces of meat in a thick latticework of ketchup and sweet, kiwi-flavored mayonnaise. She then salted it down and made a big pool of mustard for dipping. This is one of the Korean meals I picture whenever someone tells me how fatty and unhealthy American food is compared to Korean food.

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Anonymous said...

enough already - we're still gagging over your wonderful picture of cow's foot soup! you are a gusttory heroine!