Sunday, April 29, 2007

arts and crafts

This is what I did almost all evening/night. Our entire family (minus Kiyeong, who was deemed untrustworthy) was involved in completing this masterpiece of whatever bizarre advanced degree my host mother is pursuing. Host Dad constructed the field and goals, Kibeom drew the players, I drew the patterns onto the styrofoam soccer balls and painted the lines, and my host mom did her usual coloring and laminating. After the hours of work Kibeom, my host dad, and I put in on that thing (my host mom's part took about 20 minutes), all I can say is, she better get an A.

These are some pictures of our neighborhood taken from the window of our apartment. You can see our school in the one on the right. If you look closely at the dirt field in front of the school, you can see the 3-6th grade girls practicing a traditional Korean dance for Sports Day with their pink fans. The one below is Kibeom and Kiyeong in the soccer uniforms I bought for them in Vietnam. Kiyeong hates to take his off--he wears it as pajamas, as regular clothes, and hidden under his regular clothes on the days my host mom says he can't wear it to school.

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