Tuesday, April 17, 2007

cherry blossoms

Last weekend, my host family took me to the cherry blossom festival at my favorite Gyeryongsan. When they told me we were going to Gyeryongsan, I assumed that meant we'd be hiking, or at least going to one of the Buddhist temples...but actually, we milled around on a road packed full of food, games, and knickknack vendors in the midst of an incredibly huge crowd. Our feet didn't leave pavement the entire time we were there. Overhead though, the canopy of cherry blossoms was unbelievably pretty...it looked a lot like the way I always imagined Lover's Lane in Anne of Green Gables, except with a lot more Korean people wandering around. We walked around in the crowd, played some carnival games, watched a skanky dance performance, and ate a ton of street food. I do not understand how my host mom can freak out when she thinks I might leave the house in my just-barely-above-the-knee baggy running shorts, when the sight of women gyrating on a stage while wearing bedazzled bra tops and shiny silver hot pants causes her to exclaim only, "They are so beautiful! and good at dancing!" We ate giant hunks of spit-roasted pig, strange, chewy corn on the cob, spicy skewered meat, roasted chestnuts, discs shot out of a strange machine (see picture), rice wine, corn dogs, and fish cake. Then, we went straight home to have lunch.

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