Thursday, May 31, 2007

poot pashion

Today my coteacher wore no fewer than 6 pairs of shoes. She wore one pair (tassled white high heels) from her car into school, one pair (platform black slip-ons with a sequined bow) to teach in, one pair (sporty pink velcro sneakers) to walk her second grade class onto the school's "field" (and then walk straight back into school), the tassled white ones again from school to her car, one pair (raffia flip-flops) for driving, one pair (black heels threaded with ribbon) from her car to Yongok Elementary School where we had a workshop about ETAs, and one last pair (plain black slip-ons) while we were actually inside Yongok Elementary School.

Before coming to Korea, I didn't even own 6 pairs of shoes.

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