Friday, March 16, 2007

the bad

Bad things in Hong Kong were the pollution and my food poisoning and/or parasite. I think it is finally safe to say (a full month after it happened) that I am completely no longer sick. The picture on the left shows our view overlooking Hong Kong. The pollution was about at that level the entire time we were there...obscuring views, dulling pictures, and making our sunglasses utterly unnecessary. It was, however, not nearly as bad as getting sick.

(from journal): It's our last full day in Hong Kong and I'm sick as a dog. Katie and Mary had to go on without me, since there's no way I can leave this room. Of course, today's trip (to a temple and wishing tree) is the one I've been the most excited about. The wishing tree is gradually being crushed under the weight of all its wishes and may not be around for much longer--and now, around Lunar New Year, is the best time to make a wish (you can't hang them in the tree itself anymore, but still). Tragically, now that I'm finally able to emerge from the bathroom, the TV is not working and I've finished my only book...I have absolutely nothing to do except feel sorry for myself (which I'm excelling at) and listen to the insanely loud Koreans moving around in the hallway. I don't understand why they came to Hong Kong just to spend entire days fussing around in the hallway of a seedy guesthouse. I hope I'm better by tomorrow--the thought of lugging my stuff to/around the airport, flying, and making my way alone through Beijing with my stuff while sick pretty much makes me want to cry.

I didn't really get better the next day...but I was functional and, despite the fact that my flight to Beijing was canceled, I made it with no problem to Will's house where I could rest, eat mild foods, and take medicine.

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