Monday, November 13, 2006

koppee shyop-eh gayo!

These pictures are from a coffee shop called Mysore (and sometimes Misore...they don't seem to have gotten their spelling down quite yet) where we are determined to become regulars. The coffee is very decorative but not at all instant and the shop is warm and cozy with wonderful big couches (couches are something to get excited about for ETAs who lead furniture-less existences). Best of all, with every two cups of coffee that you order, you get a free piece of cake...and the cake is actually good!

I've never really been a coffee drinker...before coming to Korea I probably could have counted the number of times I'd had coffee on my fingers and toes. I've always enjoyed coffee (I even like the sugary instant stuff my Korean fam and school is always forcing on me--I just don't think it's a sufficient replacement for information. and it gets a little overwhelming several times a day), I just never really drank it. However, the coffee shop in Korea is not really about the coffee, at least for me. Ordering anything in a coffee shop gives you license to stay as long as you like...and then you are safe and happy in a cozy little haven, free from coteachers and sixth graders and host moms.

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